Flame retardants are compounds added to Foam to inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames to prevent the spread of fire. The market for flame retardant foam in furniture and mattresses is increasing due to rising safety standards worldwide. 

Polyurethane flexible foams are easily ignited by a small flame source and burn rapidly with a high rate of heat release. This high flammability of polyurethane flexible foam is related to its cellular and open cell structure and density of such foams.

To promote safety compliance, Quadura has perfected the art of manufacturing fire retardant PU foam which is also known as Flame retardant PU foam.This type of foam has major applications in the generators, insulation, mattresses and hotel furniture industry.

Quadura manufactures this range in 30 density and its products qualify CTB - 117 which is US international FR test standards.

Quadura FR Grade FOam