Message from the m.d.

Polyurethane foam in its various forms plays a significant role in our everyday lives. A vast range of household and commercial products use foam as an important component; from mattresses to garments, paints to stationery, and automobiles to space crafts!


International Industries is the leading producer of foam in the GCC; it’s a part of the Intercoil group formed in 1974. We use the latest technology to manufacture all grades of polyurethane foam consumed by various industries. Firmapaedic, a mattress widely used by healthcare brands, is also a product of International industries.


We consistently aim at fostering customer-delight by manufacturing products of the highest quality. To meet this objective, we have all necessary technology and processes in place. Our employees’ unwavering focus on quality and customer-centricity is truly inspiring.

We dream big, we love challenges and we use our passion and hard work to come together as a team to achieve things that nobody else has achieved before. This is our inspiration.

Hassan Abbas Al-Hazeem

Managing Director