HR foam is highest grade quality PU Foam delivering superior bounce, comfort, and durability. It has a better supporting factor and a better fatigue resistance with high Resilience compared to conventional foam. It does not de-shape or loose original property even after extensive use.  It can be used both for cushioning and High Quality Bedding.  At present this is available in 50 ± 2 Kg/ M3.   

High Resilience foam or HR foam, is open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam that has a less uniform (more random) cell structure that helps add support, comfort and resilience or bounce.

Due to the manufacturing technology and the special cell structure high resilient foams are extremely elastic and have a higher supporting force than conventional foams thereby the pressure distribution on the lying surface is as optimal as possible. This does not cause fatigue even in case of long-lasting utilization.

Due to the high flexibility and the increased supportive effect these are the most suitable materials for the mattress industry.